About Student Volunteering Week


Student Volunteering Week 2022 is the 21st year that the national celebration of volunteering has taken place.  This year the week will be taking place from 7th - 13th February 2022.

Student Volunteering Week celebrates student volunteering in the following ways:

  1. Improves student wellbeing
  2. Develops students' employability
  3. Contributes positively to the wider and local community life

This is a unique week-long opportunity where the whole of the country will be getting involved. SVW gives you a great platform whether you’re a student, university, college, students’ union, charity or social enterprise, to showcase your innovative projects and events. We hope you use this time to promote student volunteering and share your ideas, best practice and challenges with the rest of the sector.

To find out more about what students all over the country are up to, make sure to follow the Student Volunteering Week social media channels on Twitter and Instagram, and tag us to share your stories.  Our national team, led by the Student Volunteering Network, will be available to offer help to you in running your SVW activities, before, during and after the week.


2022 is the 21st year of Student Volunteering Week in the UK. Student volunteering and social action in the UK have a long history, from university settlements and missions in the nineteenth century to work camps for the unemployed in the interwar period to CND protesting and Student Community Action after the Second World War and throughout the later part of the 20th Century. Students are often at the forefront of promoting different social issues and interests, like the sustainability agenda and social entrepreneurship. If you want to brush up on student volunteering history properly, you can watch this video or check out this book dedicated to the topic by our friend Georgina Brewis.


Student Volunteering Week is delivered through a partnership between Student Volunteering Network and Student Hubs

SVN (Student Volunteering Network) is a peer support network for anyone employed by a UK higher or further education institution to support student volunteering activity. Staff use the SVN mailbase and frequent regional meetings to share best practice and collaborate on activities throughout the year.

Student Hubs believes that students have the power and potential to shape a better world. We inspire, connect and support students to get involved and make a difference while they’re at university. By promoting social action, social entrepreneurship and citizenship, we want to empower more students to become social leaders for the causes they’re passionate about.