Welcome to the Student Volunteering Network

We are a peer support network for anyone employed by a UK higher or further education institution to support student volunteering activity. 

How is SVN relevant to me?

It is there to support you as a worker with access to best practice, guidance and information.  It also provides the opportunity to network with people who do the same job and to exchange ideas and to share problems (and positives!) with colleagues who understand.  

What does SVN do?

We have a Mailbase, which members are encouraged to join so that you can request ideas from other members and keep up-to-date with things that are happening in the student volunteering sector. Click here for information on how to join etc.

SVN also works with other regional and national bodies, in order to raise the profile of student volunteering and represent our members.  For example, we collaborate with Student Hubs and the NUS for the annual Student Volunteering Week campaign.

We have regional groups which meet between 4-6 times each year.  Attending the regional meetings gives you the chance to meet with others doing a similar role and share ideas.  Some groups run regional events, which can be a great way to significantly raise the profile of student volunteering where you’re based.  Regional groups are also good fun and a great source of support!

We also provide an annual conference for our members to come together and network, learn more about and celebrate our work in student volunteering!

Who runs SVN?

The Network is lead by a voluntary committee of staff from various institutions around the country, elected annually at the conference. Find more about the committee on the homepage.