SVW Resources

Running Student Volunteering Week this February at your college or university? Check out this page for resources you can use when planning SVW and promoting your events. If you need something that isn’t on here, please contact us.

Running online volunteering events

We have created a couple of resources that should hopefully help when planning your online Student Volunteering Week. Frances has created a great blog post on the 8 Lessons Learnt Running Collaborative Online Events. You can read it here.

There are loads of great online opportunities featured in this blog post shared back in April and all of the opportunities are still valid now.

Other ideas from the committee include:

  • Running a recruitment drive for vaccination volunteers, the NHS in partnership with St. John Ambulance need thousands of volunteers taking on a variety of roles to deliver one of the biggest vaccination programmes we have ever seen in the UK. Why not get in contact with your local NHS Trust or St John Ambulance branch or student society to see if they need support in recruiting volunteers.
  • Host a pledge campaign through the week getting students to submit pledges/photos answering the question 'I pledge/promise to love my community by...'
  • Hold training or information sessions for students on skills development or volunteering that they may be able to get involved in after the pandemic. Some ideas include: Dementia Freinds, Samaritans Developing Listening Skills.
  • Invite a charity or volunteering project to takeover your instagram and let them tell students about how they can get involved in their opportunities, even while we are in lockdown.
  • Host interest talks with people from the charity sector, students may be looking for a career in the sector following their studies so a panel discussion with a Q&A could be really interesting.


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Digital images, logos, posters and press releases

There are social media assests and logos to use that have been created by the SVN National Commitee so if you need some help with your content then look no further. You can access it in English and Welsh:

Download the SVW design work


Measuring your impact

If there’s anything we love almost as much as student volunteers making a real impact in their communities, it’s being able to prove that impact. We’ve produced a number of resources to help you measure the impact of Student Volunteering Week on your campus. Take a look at what we have recommended over the previous years:

  • Our webinar on Making the most of Student Volunteering Week features a lot of great advice on how you can get serious about measuring your impact this February.
  • You can watch the video here and view the slides from the webinar here.
  • Why not run a pledge campaign and see how close you can get to the target?
  • Collect case studies from students that have taken part in the week that you can share.